Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Would you spend the night in a haunted house?

I recently read an article that appeared in the New York Times titled 'Quarantining With a Ghost? It's Scary' The article talked about a couple under quarantine who began to experience some strange things, such as a door knob rattling by its self, window shades shaking by themselves and then one night the man went into the kitchen late for a drink of water and saw a middle aged white man in a US bomber jacket from World War Two sitting in his kitchen. The man disappeared when he came into the room. So my question to you is Would You Spend The Night In A Haunted House? But I'm not talking about a house like in the story above. I'm talking about one of those old scary houses that have been setting vacant for years that was built back in the 1800s or earlier. My novel The house on Maple Street is the tale of someone who did. Check out the short description below.

John David Ford, late night shock jock, is the host of The Devil's Advocate, a late night talk radio show. He always take the opposite view of what ever topic the caller calls in about. When a nervous young teenager calls in regarding the town's local haunted house, John makes a bet with one of his callers and vows to spend 24 hours inside the house, broadcast his show live, and upload everything to Youtube that happens inside the supposedly haunted house. With his sexy little sound tech, Laura Devlin, in tow, little does he know the passions that will ignite between them, or the horrors they will endure inside The House on Maple Street.

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