Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Bully Beat Down

A Bully Beat Down
Dec 10th 2011
One afternoon, I was picking my daughter up from school and our conversation turned to bullying.  As you know, bullying is a big problem in our schools.  My daughter said that her teacher told her that, “Violence is never the answer.”  Me being the dad that I am had to disagree.  Sometimes, violence is the only answer.  It took violence to stop Adolf Hitler from taking over the world.  It took violence to stop the Japanese after they attacked Pearl Harbor, it took violence to fight alkida after 9-11 and it takes violence to stop a bully on the playground.
I know the teachers tout zero tolerance and they say for your child to tell the teacher when a bully is picking on them, but that rarely works.  What works, is when your child musters up his courage and punches the bully in the nose.  When I was in school, after you gave a bully a good beat down, he usually wanted to be your friend.  The thing is, that bullies in the schoolyard grow up, turn into adults and sometimes, they don’t grow out of their childish ways.  They’re still bullies; only as adults, they usually use words instead of fists.
The main character in my science fiction novel, Tale Spinner is a timid young New York Accountant who likes to read.  The office bully picks him on at work, but Brandon’s life takes a weird twist when he is teleported into the world of the Western novel he is reading at the time.  Brandon finds himself, in Greedy Gulch, an 1880s boomtown.  Brandon must learn to survive in a savage new land.  The novel’s main character, a cowboy known as The Mojave Kid, takes Brandon under his wing and teaches him how to ride a horse, how to fight and how to shoot.  In Greedy Gulch, the town bully won’t leave Brandon alone and Brandon has to give him a Bully Beat Down.  Below is an excerpt from Tale Spinner.

At six PM, half drunk, I stumbled my way across the street and pushed my way through the batwing doors of the Last Chance Saloon.  I pulled my coat up close trying to hold off the evening chill.  A full moon lit the street, and Inside the Last Chance Saloon the air felt much warmer.  McCoy had the wood stove going.  The usual smells of tobacco smoke, stale alcohol and vomit drifted to me from across the room.  Standing in the center of the barroom, I let my eyes grow accustomed to the dim light.  Finally, I staggered to the bar.
“What’ll it be my lad?”  Standing behind the bar, McCoy gave me a friendly smile.
“Make it a beer,” I said ignoring the cowboys lining the bar and the other patrons sitting at tables through out the room.  Molly Brown sashayed up to me, and I caught a trace of her perfume.  A sense of arousal penetrated the alcohol haze inside my brain.  Molly rubbed my back with the palm of her hand.  The touch of her soft hands sent chills down my spine. Something started to rise in my britches.
“You want to go upstairs, lover?”  Taking a pull from the beer bottle, I slipped my arm around her.
“Maybe in a little while.  I think I’ll have a few beers first.”
“Merryweather!” the bombing voice of Craig Barlow came from down the bar.  “You little tin horn I thought I told you to stay away from my gal!”
“You don’t have to fight him,” Molly whispered.  She leaned close to me. and her right breast touched my left bicep.  Molly tried to hold me back.  “He’ll only hurt you bad like the last time.”
“I’ve got it to do,” I said pulling away from Molly’s grasp.  Sliding the barstool back, I rose to my feet and turned around.  Barlow stood facing me.
“Get ‘em Craig!” one of Barlow’s buddies yelled.
“You don’t have the Kid here to protect you now, Tin Horn! Get your yellow ass out of here and stop bothering my gal!”  Barlow stepped forward poking his finger into my chest.
“I’ll be your huckleberry,” I said bringing up my fist.  Barlow threw a wild haymaker at my head.  I blocked it with my left hand and hit him with a hard jab to his face.  It snapped his head back.  Barlow lunged forward trying to pin me against the bar. Taking a boxer’s stance, I hit him with a left and a right to his wind.  Barlow let out a few startled grunts.  His body rose up into the air when I hammered him with my fist.  Next, I went to work on his kidneys and then hit him hard in the chest.  My fist sank in with every blow. I followed up with a quick uppercut and polished off the three-punch combination ending with a left hook.  Barlow hit the floor.  Silence whispered through the saloon.  Everyone stared in awe.
“Get up you mangy dog!” I yelled with my fist raised.  Barlow stumbled to his feet. Hammering him with sledgehammer hard blows, I drove him across the saloon.  Barlow threw a punch that grazed the side of my head and I hit him with a straight right that splattered his nose against his face.  Blood hit the front of my shirt and Barlow flew through the air landing on a table, splintering it to match wood.  The cowboys sitting at the table dived for cover. “Get up you coward!”
Barlow staggered to his feet.  Oblivious to the saloon’s patrons watching the battle, I pressed the attack forward.  My vision narrowed to a dark tunnel with Craig Barlow at the center.  Barlow flew backward toward the batwing doors and I hammered him with punches all the way.  At the doorway to the saloon, I hit him with a hard right hand fist.  Barlow flew through the batwing doors and landed on his face in the street.  He tried to rise to his knees, but I hammered him with blow after blow, beating him down in the dirt.  Grabbing Barlow by the back of his shirt, I drug him to the horse trough.  My breathing came out in wheezy huffs and puffs.  I pushed his head under the water and held him there for a few seconds.  When I let him up, Barlow sputtered, coughing up water and rose to a sitting position.  Blood dripped from his nose.
“If you ever bother me, or call me a tin horn one more time, I’ll kill you!”
Barlow raised his hands into the air.  “I won’t. Please don’t hit me no more, Mr. Merryweather.”
Turning on my heels, I stumbled across the boardwalk making my way through the crowd.

So when your child comes home from school and tells you about the playground bully, maybe it’s time for a Bully Beat Down.  As always, I welcome everyone’s opinions and comments.  If you’d like to read Tale Spinner click on the link below.  
Until next time,
David Donaghe

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Young Woman In The Short Skirt.

The young women in the short skirt.
Nov 10th 2011

I just finished reading John Locke’s book, How I sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!  If you are serious about being an author and selling books, you need to read this book.  I downloaded it on my kindle for only $2.99.  Right away, I saw where I could improve my marketing for my two books, Monroe’s Paranormal Investigations, a collection of zombie, werewolf and vampire stories, and Tale Spinner, a science fiction novel.  In John’s book he gave three examples of blog post that he made which helped him gain sales on  In the first one, he told a story about an incident in a grocery store parking lot where a run away shopping cart threatened to strike a young woman that was putting groceries in her trunk.  He yelled for her to watch out and then went running after the cart, only to have the woman he tried to save chew him out and call him bad names.  Sometimes even heroes have a bad day.  This story reminded me of an incident that happened to me in a grocery store parking lot.

As I was walking across the parking lot toward my car, an extremely attractive young woman in a short, short skirt was walking toward me from the opposite direction.  If her skirt had been any shorter, it would have been illegal.  A man strolled along a few paces behind her, and I saw him bend over sideways trying to get a peek under the young woman’s skirt.  I thought about telling her that some pervert was behind her trying to look up her skirt, but when I past her, I just smiled and said, “Hi.”
I'm throwing this question out to all the guys out there.  What kind of guy are you?  Would you have bent over sideways trying to get a peek at her panties, or would you have played it cool and admired the view from behind?  Are you the kind of guy whose eyes linger too long on a woman’s chest, or legs?  Mike Monroe is the main character in my book, Monroe’s Paranormal Investigations and he is what some might call a chauvinistic pig.  He’s not ashamed of it, he embraces it.  His partner, Roxanne Delaney, he calls her Roxy, is an ultra-hot blonde with big breasts.  She wears her clothes tight, her shirts low cut, and she never wears a bra.  Mike can’t keep his hands off her sexy legs and his eyes linger on her chest.  When Roxy catches him staring she might say, “What are you looking at Pervert?”  Mike just grins and says, “Only you, darling.  Only you.”
To you women out there, what kind of woman are you?  Do you wear your clothes tight and revealing?  How does it make you feel when a guy’s eyes linger too long on your chest or you legs, or when he gives you the once over and you know he’s imaging what you might look like naked?  Does it embarrass you and make you angry, or do you enjoy the attention?  There are no wrong answers here.  I would just like to hear some opinions.  Please leave a comment and sign up for my email list.
I’m not quite as bold as Mike Monroe is.  If I had been the guy strolling along behind this woman, I probably wouldn’t have bent over and tried to sneak a peek, but I might have said a silent prayer hoping for a strong gust of wind.  Until next time,
David Donaghe.

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Exciting Times.

Hey everyone, it's exciting times to be a writer, with the ebook explosion and all.  There are a lot of things happening with me and I just wanted to keep everyone posted.  I launched two new webpages for both of my books.  Here are the links.

Monroe's Paranormal Investigations
Tale Spinner

My short story Biker Heaven is available for available for download a Smashowrds for only 99 cents.

Biker Heaven
Biker Heaven at Amazon.Com

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Bring a Brother Home

Hey check out my new short story, Bring a Brother Home.  You can read Part I at Piker Press.  It is the cover story for this month.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Peace Out! Bring a Brother Home.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Writer's Blog.

I’ll start with at few lines about what’s going on with me.  My short story collection, Monroe’s Paranormal Investigations, published by The Living Dead Press, is on sale at and on Barnes and Noble’s webpage.  You can get it in trade paperback or on Kindle or Nook.  Monroe’s Paranormal Investigations is a collection of stories about Mike Monroe, an ex military paranormal investigator and his ultra hot partner, Roxanne Delany.  Mike calls her Roxy.  They battle werewolves, vampires, zombies and other creatures that go bump in the night.  If you like your horror fiction with a little sex and humor mixed in, then this might be the book for you.
My science fiction novel, Tale Spinner is also available at, on Barnes and Noble’s webpage plus other places on the internet.  Otherworld Publications publish it.  Tale Spinner is the story of, Brandon Merryweather, a timid young New York accountant that likes to read.  One day Brandon steps out the front door of his Manhattan apartment, hears a clap of thunder, sees a flash of blue light and closes his eyes in fear.  When he opens them, he finds himself in Greedy Gulch; the 1880s boomtown from the Western novel he’s been reading. Brandon must learn how to survive in this new savage land.  By the end of the tale, Brandon bounces back and forth, transported from New York, to the old West, to outer space and Los-Angeles of the 1940s.  Each place he lands in the world fiction, the people call him the new Tale Spinner and expect him to finish the tale.  The final confrontation takes place when the characters from the land of fiction come to his world for a show down.  If you like good science fiction, then this might be the book for you.
A few days ago, I sent off a submissions package to Otherworld Publications for the first book in a new science fiction series titled The Battle for Europa.  It’s about revolution in the twenty third Century.  I am also planning a men’s action adventure series.  I finished the first book, Thunder Road and I am trying to get an agent to handle that one for me.  I just finished the rough draft of a biker short story and I am getting ready to start my next novel.
I’d like to say a little bit about the process.  My writing process, that is.  I work the evening shift, so when I get home from work, about 11:30PM, I log onto the internet, check my email, face book and other sites that I go to and after I am done with that, I write.  When I finish whichever project I am working on, I set it aside for a while and move on to something else.  When I go back to a project for editing, I check for things such as spelling, repeated words and parses and grammatical errors; I add details and description.  I might remove a scene or add another one.  I keep working on it until it is the best that I can do.  Then I have my wife proof read it and see if she can find anything that I missed.  Only then do I send it in for publication.  My advice to people seeking publication is simply to write.  Set aside a certain time block each day to write.  You can read all the how to books you want, but you learn to write by writing.  Being a constant reader also helps.  To be a good writer, you have to love to read.  Words should become your passion.  That’s about it for now, but feel free to send me any questions or comments you may have.  Until the next post, just keep on writing.   

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A good review!

Below is a good review of my short story, Border War, which first appeared in Night of the Wolf: A Werewolf Anthology, published by the Living Dead Press.  Innsmouth Free Press reviewed Night of the wolf and here is what they had to say about my story.

Supernatural detective Mike Monroe and his sidekick, the ultra-hot Roxy, star in “Border War”. They quickly discover that even the U.S. Government doesn’t know what to do when a pack of werewolves crosses the border and begins to feast on the Americans in a small, southern Californian town.

You can find Border war along with all the rest of my Roxy and Mike stories in Monroe's Paranormal Investigation.  Go to to order.

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What's New With Me!

Hello Everyone.  I just thought I would put down a few lines to let everyone know what's new with me.  My science fiction novel, The Tale Spinner is now available on Kindle at  Get your print copy at Otherworld Publications  My short story collection, Monroe's Paranormal Investigations is still available at, Barns and Noble's webpage plus other places on the net.  Check out my author webpage if you get a chance.  David Donaghe's Author Webpage  That's about it.  Right now, I am working on my next novel and enjoying life.  Peace Out!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Excerpt From Monroe's Paranormal Investigations.

Below is an excerpt from Monroe's Paranormal Investigations

  I was fresh out of the service and looking for a job, so I decided to put some of the skills I learned in the Army to use.  I attended night school, obtained my private detective's licence, and opened up my own agency.
   My name is Mike Monroe, and I own Monroe's Paranormal Investigations. Most of the stuff I did in the military was covert OPPS: weird stuff that you wouldn't believe, and most of it I can't talk about because it's classified.  Most of the work I do is freelance work for the government, or private  clients who have a problem that the police or military can't, or won't handle.  If it's too weird or strange for the military they call me-I specialize in weird.
   Remember all those stories you heard when you were young about ghost, vampires, zombies and werewolves?  The one your mother said weren't real?  Well, your mother lied.
   It was about six months after I opened the agency, on a warm summer evening.  I was down at the office,  things were slow and I was getting board.  The Dodgers were loosing, so I switched off the radio and stepped out of the front door of my office.
   I thought maybe I'd stroll down to the liquor store, buy a six-pack and then head home.  The warm summer heat hit my face, making me sweat.  Here it was 9pm and it was still hot.
   At least I don't live up on the high desert, somewhere like Barstow, I thought to myself as I strolled down the sidewalk to the liquor store on the corner.  The temperature up there on the high desert could be brutal in the summertime.
   I heard the sound of shoe leather scraping the sidewalk behind me.  I started to turn, and that was when I felt a blunt object come crashing down on my head.  Pain shot through my skull, my vision went white for a fraction of a second, and I succumbed to darkness.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello Everyone.

Hello everyone.  I'm new to Blogspot so here's a little INFO about me.  My name is David Donaghe and I writ short stories and novels.  I live up on the high desert of Southern California with my wife and family.  My short story collection, Monroe's Paranormal Investigations, published by The Living Dead Press, is now on sale at and on the Barns and Noble webpage.  My forthcoming science fiction novel, published by Otherworld Publications is now available for pre-order at  It's release date is April 22nd 2011.  I am looking forward to networking and meeting new people on Blogspot and look forward to comments by anyone.