Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Young Woman In The Short Skirt.

The young women in the short skirt.
Nov 10th 2011

I just finished reading John Locke’s book, How I sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!  If you are serious about being an author and selling books, you need to read this book.  I downloaded it on my kindle for only $2.99.  Right away, I saw where I could improve my marketing for my two books, Monroe’s Paranormal Investigations, a collection of zombie, werewolf and vampire stories, and Tale Spinner, a science fiction novel.  In John’s book he gave three examples of blog post that he made which helped him gain sales on  In the first one, he told a story about an incident in a grocery store parking lot where a run away shopping cart threatened to strike a young woman that was putting groceries in her trunk.  He yelled for her to watch out and then went running after the cart, only to have the woman he tried to save chew him out and call him bad names.  Sometimes even heroes have a bad day.  This story reminded me of an incident that happened to me in a grocery store parking lot.

As I was walking across the parking lot toward my car, an extremely attractive young woman in a short, short skirt was walking toward me from the opposite direction.  If her skirt had been any shorter, it would have been illegal.  A man strolled along a few paces behind her, and I saw him bend over sideways trying to get a peek under the young woman’s skirt.  I thought about telling her that some pervert was behind her trying to look up her skirt, but when I past her, I just smiled and said, “Hi.”
I'm throwing this question out to all the guys out there.  What kind of guy are you?  Would you have bent over sideways trying to get a peek at her panties, or would you have played it cool and admired the view from behind?  Are you the kind of guy whose eyes linger too long on a woman’s chest, or legs?  Mike Monroe is the main character in my book, Monroe’s Paranormal Investigations and he is what some might call a chauvinistic pig.  He’s not ashamed of it, he embraces it.  His partner, Roxanne Delaney, he calls her Roxy, is an ultra-hot blonde with big breasts.  She wears her clothes tight, her shirts low cut, and she never wears a bra.  Mike can’t keep his hands off her sexy legs and his eyes linger on her chest.  When Roxy catches him staring she might say, “What are you looking at Pervert?”  Mike just grins and says, “Only you, darling.  Only you.”
To you women out there, what kind of woman are you?  Do you wear your clothes tight and revealing?  How does it make you feel when a guy’s eyes linger too long on your chest or you legs, or when he gives you the once over and you know he’s imaging what you might look like naked?  Does it embarrass you and make you angry, or do you enjoy the attention?  There are no wrong answers here.  I would just like to hear some opinions.  Please leave a comment and sign up for my email list.
I’m not quite as bold as Mike Monroe is.  If I had been the guy strolling along behind this woman, I probably wouldn’t have bent over and tried to sneak a peek, but I might have said a silent prayer hoping for a strong gust of wind.  Until next time,
David Donaghe.

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  1. Hello my friend… Nice blog. Glad to be here ! Thank you for stopping by! I hope your day is a good one and that you will come back again soon. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil!
    Nelson Souzza :)

  2. Mike Monroe sounds like an interesting character. This is such a great question. As a woman, I like to wear things that flatter my figure, and as a young woman I wore shorter skirts at times when I wasn't really looking for any attention at all, I was just young. I never really had the desire to dress up for attention, I got plenty in jeans. But there were times, special occasions that i did dress up and loved the attention I got. I have to say that as a woman gets older, it certainly is nice when a man says something sweet out of the blue. Like the other night I was out at a dinner/wine tasting and a man I know said how beautiful my hair is. I've let my hair go gray, so when I get comments on my hair it kind of takes me by surprise. And it makes me feel good. In a society where gray hair isn't supposed to be beautiful, to be honest, before I let my hair go gray I never had anyone just come up and tell me my hair is beautiful. I think that's pretty great.

  3. I agree with Laura's comment up there. To be complimented is a nice feeling, and I would always reciprocate or at the very least extend my thanks. However, if someone was leering at me like that example, I would feel very uncomfortable. Like Laura, if I go out I try to dress in ways that are flattering, but most days I'm in sweats and t-shirts :D

  4. I agree with both Laura and Collette. I am a 100 percent heterosexual male and I enjoy it when women dress sexy, but I believe that a guy should be cool and not leer. I also think that a woman's hair can be most alluring. I'd like to thank everyone for the comments so far and I am looking forward to more.

  5. Hi David. Your story brought me back to when I was a teen and got ogled by all kinds of men. I felt uncomfortable then, though it should have made me feel good! Later in my life I enjoyed men's attention. I don't think I dressed too sexy. I like men's attention now and even though I am not young anymore I still occasionally attract. men:) Great post and thank you for inviting me:),I hope you will visit mine:

  6. Hi David, great post and I so need to get your books.

    Wow, interesting question - I love the attention myself especially when I was single I would wear real sexy clothing but now after being married for 15 years I still wear semi-sexy clothing and love it when my husband walks behind me cause I know he is checking out my ass - LOL I've caught him thats how I know - hee hee - he will have a smile on his face and say did you lose some weight? LOL I would then know when I get home i would pay like a frog and jump his ass. LMAO!

    Truthfully, I do believe women dress like that knowing fully that they are going to get ogled or they wouldn't dress that way. Also I know everyone's inner beast is starving for a compliment - its a way to make themself feel better about themselves.

    You may not know but as a woman, actually most older women like myself, I look at guys in their nice tight fitting jeans - front and back all the time but I try to do it discretely and not make it noticeable that I am staring, however, later on I might be writing about it or posting some kind of nice photo on my blog. hee hee

    Thanks for the post.

  7. Ronda. Thanks for the comment. I have to admit, that I like it when women dress sexy. I try not to leer, but I am 100 percent heterosexual male. Thanks a bunch.

  8. Lol. You are too funny! Personally, I like to wear clothing that is sexy and appealing and emphasizes my assets, but in a classy way. I don't like to walk around looking like a $2.00 hooker.

    I can't lie though. I enjoy it when a guy looks at me and appreciates the view.

    However, call me a female chauvinistic pig, but, I love to see and nice looking man with his shirt off or a tight shirt on!! Lol.

  9. Hi, As a woman, I do appreciate looks from the male gender. I do like being sincerely complimented. I do not dress sexy nor provocatively, but I like my clothes to be close fitting to show off my continued weight loss. Makes my day when I get a second glance from a man :)