Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gun Truble

Gun Trouble
January 10 2012

Everyone knows that we live in violent times, and it almost seems like you hear about someone shot everyday, yet when you look at the Bureau of Justice Statistics, you find that gun violence has plummeted since 1993.  A study on where the criminals got their weapons found that less than 2% of criminals arrested for gun crimes bought their gun at a gun show or flee market.  Roughly, 12 % bought their guns at retail stores or pawnshops and 80% got their weapons from family, friends or an illegal street buy.
I believe in sensible gun laws.  To me that means, if you have a history of mental illness, you are a convicted felon, or you have used a gun to commit a crime, then you should not be allowed to own a firearm.  If not, then your Second Amendment rights should no be restricted.  Every man, or woman on this Earth has the God given right to defend themselves or their family from bodily harm, even if that means taking another life using a firearm.  I believe everyone who chooses to and who passes the background check should be allowed to have a conceal and carry permit.  When Gun trouble comes your way, and the bullets are flying over your head, wouldn’t it be better to have the training and the where with all to defend yourself, rather than cowering in fear?
My name is David Donaghe and I write shot stories and novels.  In much of my writing, my main characters use guns to defend themselves.  Below are two excerpts when the characters in my books ran into some Gun Trouble.  The first is from my short story collection, Monroe’s Paranormal Investigations.

Stepping away from the wall, we stood back to back and opened up on the advancing horde.  Even in the middle of the attack, I didn’t fail to notice the firm pressure of Roxy’s shapely bottom pressed up against mine.  Her body jiggled back and forth, as she fired.  The loud crack of gunfire almost made my ears bleed and by the sporadic muzzle flashes, I saw what was left of the zombies retreat into the tombs.  The acidic smell of gun smoke masked the putrid smell of the undead flesh.  Once the attack broke off, we moved deeper into the Earth.

In my science fiction novel Tale Spinner, my main character, Brandon Merryweather is teleported into the world of the Western novel he is reading.  When he arrives in Greedy Gulch, an 1880s boomtown, the novel’s main character, a cowboy called The Mojave Kid, takes Brandon under his wing and helps him survive in a savage new land.  Below is an excerpt where Brandon runs into some Gun Trouble.

One evening, after stripping the saddle and rigging from the bay, I was heading to the Last Chance Saloon.  The booming voice of Craig Barlow came form up the street.  My heart almost stopped.  The sun in my eyes made it hard to see and caused me to squint.  My black and white mutt came to the doorway of the livery and barked.
“Merryweather!”  Up the street, Craig Barlow squared off facing me and swaggered my way.  My breathing came in shallow gasps.  “Drag iron you yellow bellied coward!”
Calm settled over me and my breathing regulated.  My vision narrowed.  How dare that son of a bitch call me a coward? That’s one word you don’t let somebody get away with calling you.  Barlow’s right hand dropped to the butt of his Colt.  I pulled mine, and it spit flame.

So, when it comes to gun trouble, I believe its better to have a gun and not need it, than to need one and not have it.  If you would like to order, any of my books click the links below.  As always, I invite you to post a comment and state your opinion.  Until next time, I’ll keep reading, writing and riding my motorcycle.

David Donaghe


  1. Hi David! Interesting facts about guns--facts you won't hear in the lamestream media. Good luck with your writing!

  2. Great post on an all-too-contemporary issue. I also write thrillers were my (anti)heroes use guns against the bad guys. There are arguments on both sides, but I agree with you.

  3. I totally agree! Great post, David. I'll have to check out your books. :-)

  4. Lamestream media--ha, ha--good one Jennifer! Yeah, with you one-hundred percent--if we don't have the means to protect ourselves, then we are the vicitms. My partner and I go to the free sheriff's shooting range to practice and learn gun safety. I also firmly believe that all women and children should take classes in defending themselves, plus it helps with confidence.
    I had to skip reading your goodies--because I want to read your books--no spoilers!

    1. Yeah I don't believe a thing the Lame stream has to say. I agree about women and children learning how to defend themselves. If you get the chance read my last month's post, A Bully Beat Down. If you do read my books, please post a review. Thanks a bunch.

  5. I heartily agree!! Thanks for a great post - now I need to go check out your stories!! :-)