Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The First Ten Steps

The First Ten Steps by M.R. Mathias
February 28th 2012
Hello, my name is David Donaghe and I write short stories and novels.  I am the author of Monroe’s Paranormal Investigations, Tale Spinner and the Cave Man action adventure series, which is a series of biker/ horror/ paranormal stories, but I’m really not here to talk about me today.  I am here to give a shout out to M.R. Mathias, author of The First Ten Steps, The Sword and the Dragon, The Wardstone Trilogy and many more.
I recently read The First Ten Steps and I enjoyed it immensely.  I think that this gem, all though only twenty-four short pages, is a must read to any new author.  So you’ve wrote your book, published it in eBook format, so now what?  The first ten steps tells you exactly what to do to start racking up sales and how to become a known author.  All though Mathis wrote this book with the self-published author in mind, I think it works for any writer.  I have two novels published by small presses and another one coming out next month, and I intend to use the knowledge I found in The First Ten Steps to market them.  If you would like to learn more about M. Mathias, go to his website, check out his books and while your there, buy one, but to sweeten the deal, M.R. Mathias has offered five copies of The sword and the Dragon for free to the first five people who log onto his Smashwords page.  Click the link below for your free eBook.
The sword and Dragon  enter code FF22D

Best of luck and as always, until next time, I’ll keep reading, writing and riding my motorcycle.


  1. Great post. Will check out the website. Thanks for sharing, David.

  2. Sounds like a book I should read. Thank you.